Drawing day ^ ^

Since I was a child , I have been dreaming of having a tattoo. For many reasons , that dream still hasn’t come true yet ^ ^

Usually the first picture that comes up when I think of my dream-tattoo is a pair of wings ( angel’s wings , a bird’s wings, even a butterfly’s wings , oh I am so into these things > v < )


— A butterfly in Henna —


— Tale of a nine tailed fox ^ ^ —


2 thoughts on “Drawing day ^ ^

    • Of course not 😛 If those tattoos are permanent , my parents may kill me , haha :)) ! In the first photo , I painted my hand with Henna- A kind of plant which is used to dye skin , hair , nails ,silk….. in India , women love to have this kind of herbal painting on some parts of their bodies (often are hands , ankles , faces …) as blessings in some big holidays or in their life’s special celebrations.The tattoo will fade after 1 week ^ – ^ About the fox in the second photo , it was painted by my black ball pen ^ ^

just can't wait to hear from you ^ - ^

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