Guests of my garden ^ – ^

My guests -they don’t like to say a word, they won’t stay long, they don’t care about me or anyone else, they even leave without any goodbye signal – But I love them , cuz everytime they stop by , they really bring me peace and happiness ^ – ^

— A beautiful lady with her splendid dress , she visited me in a sunny morning and spent more than half an hour taking a tour around! —

— She (or he???)- the little tiny tweenie spider – suddently appeared on the okra after a drizzle —

— Don’t you think she is pretty ,may be yes , may be no . But is she kind of cute? of course YES! —

— This photo was taken in the zoo 2 months ago.It seems that this little beauty used to have a really tough life – I wish her well — 

— Look at her face , at her big round eyes – what a glory !  — 

— A little shy singer who came to my garden and brought along her graceful songs in an early afternoon — 


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