My little robot

He is a half-price-sale-off-Pendant which I bought last year. With those eyes of him – I truly believe that there is a soul in this little one.

From each of his photo that I had taken, I gained myself many different feels and thinkings.

—Don’t try so hard, give yourself permission to be blue sometimes —

—You can’t not have your luck by finding but feeling it— 

—Be strong !—

— Want some peace ? –Hide yourself 4 a while —

—Cherish every little moment—


—Taking a deep breath—


23 thoughts on “My little robot

    • ^ – ^ so sorry Arpon Files cuz I have no idea about Spanish ,I tried to translate your comment into English so that I can reply you ,plz tell me if there is something wrong in my translation : ” The world is made by all of the little things as you can see in these photos.Well done!Best regards!”

      🙂 Thanks so much Arpon Files , I agree with you ^ – ^ the world is not that big ,cherish every little things and you may sing ” what a wonderful world ! “

    • ^ – ^ Thank you so much for dropping by my place,The blonde bible! Welcome to WP, I have been started this garden for about 5 months, not a very long time but I found myself already fall in love with this house of mine, and with those cool people and good friends that I met!

      I love what you are doing with your blog, Blonde bible ^ v ^ !Those fashion shoots are just so nice ! Happy blogging, I will keep staying around!

just can't wait to hear from you ^ - ^

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