The Half-Moon-Lake

After a long hard-studying-week, I and my friend decided to spend our sunday taking rest at the park near the Half-Moon-Lake in District 7 .

—The place where we sat — 

— Surprisingly, there are many fish in this little lake – from the baby size to the huge one —

Shared the same place with us were a group of boys (in their high school uniforms) who were fishing.Even though they didn’t use any fishing rods or lures but a thin wire only ,they still have a truly great “harvest-moon” that day.

—One of their “booty” >_<  —

After a while chatting , we became friends .Those boys asked me if  I can hold the cup with 2 little fish for them so that they could concentrate on their fishing.I didn’t know this kind of fish, but 2 of them looked so poor trying madly to find their way out 😦

I coudn’t stand watching these 2 little guys struggling any more > _ < So I “accidentally ” dropped the cup (hehe) , and they were home again ^ – ^ yay fish !!

— Sunset on the Half-Moon lake — 

Suddenly , one of those boys got his foot injured. I have no idea if he fell down to the lake or he jumped into the lake for swimming – so lucky the water was not very deep there. His friends then saved and drove him home ,wish him well 😦

—The reflection —

Life is that fair , you take something , you have to pay something back (with a very high price sometimes). So I do believe that if I live well , everything will be just fine  ^ – ^


10 thoughts on “The Half-Moon-Lake

    • It’s very nice of you telling me this Chris13jkt, Thank you so much ^ – ^ ! (on the other hands,you may find me quite evil if you know that I am willing to kill any mosquitoes everytime I see them 😛 )

  1. Hy Yin!
    I’m Bixa and i’m so happy that i find your blog. You have beautiful pictures and funny “ministories” about every day that you described.
    The part of your article : “So I “accidentally ” dropped the cup (hehe) , and they were home again ^ – ^ yay fish !!” just made me smile :D.

    • Hi Bixa , so happy you like my blog and be my friend ^ – ^ I love your blog too. Even though I don’t undertand the content (your language is new to me 🙂 where is your hometown Bixa ?),I still enjoy those splendid photos of yours,they are vert emotional. Stay in touch 🙂

just can't wait to hear from you ^ - ^

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