How far a friendship can fall ?

Last sunday- I , Meatbun , my friend and his hamsters -went on a picnic in a park (district 7) which has a cute little lake with many wooden bridges and vast meadows.

I guess because it was the first time that Meatbun was taken so far from home , she looked a little bit nervous looking and sniffing around.

— What are all of these called,Mom ? — It’s the Fall, Meatbun ^ – ^ —

At the beginning , I was so afraid of losing Meatbun in such a wide place with those “seemed-to-be-endless-meadows” – Suprisingly , she just sticked to me ^ – ^ followed my every step closely as if she was afraid of losing me , too !

—Green fields in the city —

— Meatbun : I’m super spider cat,yay,yay !! –2 minutes later : MOM!!!SAVE ME! —

Even though I had announced to the whole word that I might bring Meatbun to this picnic, my friend still decided to take his couple of hamsters along – what a brave guy !

—This little boy named Century egg (a kind of egg which is well-known 4 its special taste and black color) ^ – ^ — 

He opened the cage of his 2 hamters -Century egg and “龜苓膏- a kind of herbal black color Jelly – Then ,they climbed out and started to explore the new place by running around.

The best thing I could do at that time was holding Meatbun as tight as well- I did think that ” if Meatbun catches these 2 little hamsters – they will be in super deep trouble , and SO WILL I ” > _ <

— A truly handsome  (and reckless) guy ^ – ^ —

Suddenly , Century egg tried to climb on my leg, straight to where Meatbun was sitting .Didn’t he feel the danger ? did he know that the creature that he shall face was not told to be very friendly to his kind ? > – < He kept trying to climb on as if he believed that cat -Meatbun, can be nothing but his friend ! (or believed that run to a cat is the best way to suicide ??!!! > – <)

Unexpectedly , Meatbun moved up and had a smell at Century egg .OMG !At that moment, my heart just stopped * – *

— Breathless scene — 

There wasn’t any tragedy at last ! After sniffing , Meatbun just sat there and stared at Century egg – until he was taken back to his cage .

We -humankind -may not believe that a hamster may find a cat as his friend. We see and consider this world under the way we feel , or we want it to be .Do you believe that a cat may greet a mouse like “hello,my friend” instead of “hello, dinner” ? I didn’t !

But thanks to this trip , I do think that Century egg and Meatbun can really be good friends- even though I can’t guess how far their friendship may fall! Life has its own secrets and rules,who knows!  ^ – ^


26 thoughts on “How far a friendship can fall ?

    • “Meatbunnnnn, you got some messages here!!! ” – “Meowww”-she is truly happy knowing this ^ – ^ , I guess ! And so am I 🙂 Many thanks to you and Mr.Bowie for being our friends ^ – ^

    • 😛 haha, on the other hands , I hope that Meatbun can share her clothes with me (she has some really cute dresses and skirts for now ) – I think we saw some t-shirts that suits boys well – very manly in color and style – do you want one ? Sigoese 😛 ?

        • ^ – ^ ah , “the pastor and a couple” -I think some little winter coats (mini size – for hamsters) will fit your lovebirds well. You can find these coats in some pet fashion shops , I saw many of them in the store where I do shopping for Meatbun ^ – ^

            • Just love this reply ^ _ ^ At first, I did hesitate if I should buy clothes for Meatbun or not, and the reason that she loves playing in my room (which is very cold) made the decision! The appearance is not very important, as long as out pets can live happily and healthily , I think ^ – ^

    • Do you mean the ending in which Meatbun didn’t hurt Century egg ? 😛 if something bad happened , my “ending” would not be so great , for sure ^ _ ^
      p/s: Thanks for dropping by ,YellowCable!

    • ^ – ^ ¡Oh, que suena muy bien, Meatbun será muy feliz de conocer a Rudy, seguro! ( I mean “that sounds great,Meatbun will be very happy to meet Rudy,for sure” )– Plz let me know if there is anything wrong with my poor Spanish > – <

    • :)) Meatbun and your family’s cat -they should be friends – super cats! Then we – their human – will gotta find a new place to move if we still want to have some peace in the rest of our lives > v < !

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