Saigon – an ordinary day

Today , I decide to write something about Saigon ,where I have been living for whole my life (up to now ^ – ^).

I didn’t think I could be so in love with it until the first trip when I was so far from home.Even though the trip was awesome, I was still dying to come back to Saigon,I missed very corners and places, every little things and pieces of my city.


— “Đức Bà Church”-I have never been into the church for my 23 years of life 🙂 just love standing from the outside and enjoy my -people-watching —


—Take a walk around this area at weekend, you sure can see many couples who are capturing one of their life’s happiest moment here — 

DSC00972—In this pure morning at the park- some find their simple happiness—


— Some find their life’s “burden”—


— In this corner,  time seems to be paused in peace—


— On the other side, life is really in a tearing hurry—

That’s SaiGon – My dearest hometown. A city which is not perfect (at all).



Saigon in my mind is full of contrasts ,from the rich – to the poor , morden highway – “aged” alleys , huge and luxury restaurants – tiny movable street vendors , rain and drought, joy and blue ,childlike and complicated people, peace and chaos …

Anyway , I do love these contrasts so well ^ – ^


22 thoughts on “Saigon – an ordinary day

  1. ^ – ^ these photos were taken from District 1 and 2 only , there are so many pieces of Saigon that I sure will share with you later , Thanks so much YellowCable ! I love your place very well, you have awesome nature there ^ – ^ !

    • Thanks so much for your kind compliment ! It’s trully proud and happy you like my city, I hope to see you someday (it can be here , or there ? or anywhere in this big-but-tiny world).Have fun with your journey and, wish you well ^ – ^!

just can't wait to hear from you ^ - ^

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