Thankful ^ – ^

When December is going to reach its end- that’s the time for me to take a rest by traveling to any new places after a long messy busy year , and to celebrate my birthday ,too – in my very own way ^ – ^



the little Totoro key chain <3

The little lovely Totoro key chain ❤

Besides the trip which I spent for myself, my birthday this year was truly a great harvest moon ^ v ^, big thanks for every warm and cheerful thing that I received, wish you guys all well – from the bottom of my heart ❤ !



19 thoughts on “Thankful ^ – ^

    • Big thanks Efratadenny, wish you,your family especial your little pretty daughter -Arya a great and happy coming year !
      l cakes l

    • Thank you so much, Herman ^ – ^ serve yourself this chocolate cake


      and thanks Bowie too , enjoy this milk (don’t worry, no chocolate for sure ^ – ^ )

      l MILK l

    • Thank you Tricia A.Mitchell ^ – ^ this greetings made my day, too!


      p/s: feel free to serve yourself this belated birthday cake ^ – ^ hope you like it!

    • You are always more than welcome ^ – ^ I admire your passion in gardening so well – I still find difficulty in chasing my dream and living this life in my own way – yours recent post somehow warmed me up! Big thanks for dropping by ,wish you well ^ – ^

just can't wait to hear from you ^ - ^

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