ThaiLand – an amazing week’s diary

Bangkok in the mist  ^ - ^

Bangkok in the morning mist ^ – ^

Came back after a long long trip from Thailand, I brought home not only many wonderful  souvenirs (and food =)) ) but also a full bag of intersting and unforgetable memmories. There are so many little things that I can’t write them all in details here , so I may only note down some very nice points or info that I gained and learnt , and of course , my feelings-too ^ – ^

I said no to any shows that have the performance of animals (except the dolphin;s one-don’t know why :l ) . It may have its bright side like -the show may give many people better lives, may give those animals a safer place to live and more food to eat, and may be the show can bring you some entertaining moments , too !However,I myself can’t stand watching know…performing,wonder if they are really happy with the job or not…!Anyway,it’s trade off ,I think ! Just wish them (and their trainers) well!

DAY 1 : 

6:30 PM: Flying! I mean- the plane :p !

what a wonderful world!

what a wonderful world!

10:00 PM : Bangkok-hotel -checked in – as hungry as a dinosaur !

10:30 PM : found a food stand-FINALLY!

the herbal drink

a very nice herbal drink – light sweet and gentle herbal taste !

DAY 2 :

8:00 AM: on our way to Pattaya 

9:30 AM: visited the Sriracha tiger zoo 

– Visited a mother tiger with her…piglets :3  the tiger was raised by a mother pig —> that’s why she treats those piglets as her family’s members instead of …a meal !

-Baby tiger milk feeding : what a cuttie ! he is trully a 5X bigger version of my little baby cat -Meatbun – missed her 😦

He is so warm to hold ^ - ^

He is so warm to hold ^ – ^

-Piglets’ show: people put some very tiny chips in those piglets’ ears so that they can understand the orders-said my tour guide.

-Crocodiles’ show: people train/hypnotize them with a bamboo stick-on rainy days, this little trick won’t work,every croc’s show will be canceled !

12:30 PM: lunch time – Pattaya Park Tower


yum ^ v ^

3:00 PM: Pattaya:visited Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

-Thai’s boxing: crowded but interesting in a very traditional way

-Elephants’ show : I sat there for a while, and here were what I got!

an unforgetable sight

an unforgetable gaze

a little adorable baby

a little adorable baby

T-shirt which was painted by elephant, I love the painting so well,couldn’t help asking myself if he /she was thinking (or missing) home while drawing the t-shirt !

a very special t-shirt from a very talent designer

a very special t-shirt from a very talent designer

new friend <3

new friend ❤

8:00 PM: Pattaya: street food

-people here are really  friendly ^ v ^ their street food are very nice,too,from BBQ (chicken/pork/beef) in sticks, colorful dessert, banana crepes, cheese crepe s, tropical fruits, grilled seafood , fried insects (not very delicious but quite interesting ^ – ^ ) ,fried cake in the shape of a ball , durian or mango with sticky rice, grilled sticky rice…yum yum !

yum! delicious sushi-5 bt for each :3

yum! delicious sushi-5 bt for each :3

banana crepe with chocolate sauce > v < my favourite treat here !

banana crepe with chocolate sauce > v < my favourite treat here !

-note of the day:

The king of Thailand’s health hasn’t been so great lately, all of the people here keep praying for him everyday , hope that he ‘ll get well soon !


9:00 AM: Pattaya: visited Coral Island

People say that Thailand is very famous for the 3 amazing S – This is the first one- S for SEA

a view from the island

a peaceful view from the island

> v < super yummy grilled seafood with super reasonable prices

> v < super yummy grilled seafood with super reasonable prices

-Some of my friends said that “whatever we can find in Pattaya , we may buy it in Bangkok with a better price – so when you pay Pattaya a visit , remember not to do any shopping” – I didn’t agree with this , if you really fall in something, just buy it- instead of keep praying the whole long way back that you may see it again (what if you may not??? ) in Bangkok with a much cheaper price .

the souvenir street along the seashore

the souvenir street along the seashore 

another new friend of mine ^ - ^

another new friend   ^ v ^

The only thing I noted down when doing shopping in Pattaya was that you should bargain – the ideal rate will be 30% discounts. People here are very nice ,too , smile with them,talk to them in a friendly way , you may win their hearts and got what you want ,hehe > v <

3:30PM : Thai floating market

a heaven of traditional food and clothes as well as souvenir

a heaven of traditional food and clothes as well as souvenir

8:30 PM: walking street of Pattaya 

-about 3km-walking street with bars,coffee shops and restaurants – still remember the 3 amazing S of Thailand ? The second one is all here-S-for SEX

-note of the day (said my guide-again 🙂 ): if a man here want to get married , he MUST have 3 certificates :

1/ the certificate of convent (for at least 3 months)

2/ the degree of university.

3/ the certificate of joining the army (for at least 3 months)

DAY 4: Back to Bangkok

2:00 PM:the snake research center

all I got was this kiss - of course not for me =)

all I can remember now is this kiss – Thanks God their “love story” worked well after that- no body got hurt =)

4:00 Pm: Visited the parliament’s building and the Summer Palace:

there was a demonstration in the front gate of the building

there was a demonstration in the front gate of the building

somewhere in the garden of Summer Palace - I felt so "Cinderella" that moment ^ - ^

somewhere in the garden of Summer Palace – I felt so “Cinderella” that moment ^ – ^

– The rule is kind of strict here – you should wear long-cover clothes if you want to enter the palace , any thing that is above the knee will be DESTROYED =) haha just kidding – in that case, all you have to do is buy yourself a Sarong <–I love this item anyway ^ – ^

-” No cameras or cell phones ” in the palace (but the garden is ok 🙂 yay !)

love story ^ - ^

-do you see anything,Black ? – Oh Grey! There are two birds under the water, wish I could dive that well-just like them! 

7:00 PM : The show

There they are , the people who I have always been curious about. The show was a little bit short with only 30 minutes ,anyway, they did give us many great performance in Chinese and Vietnamese’s famous songs.

one word : beautiful

one word : beautiful

-note of the day (from my guide):

1/ when they decide to change their sex, they will have to face the fact that their lives will be shorten – the avarage age of them is about 45-50 years old.

2/ they can change every parts of their bodies,everything except 2 below :

a/ voices (can be improved time to time – but very slowly)

b/ the armpit area – this will be deeper in man than woman

the girl I like most ^ - ^ cute , gentle and very sweet

the girl I like most ^ – ^ she is cute , gentle and very sweet

I think that there is nothing wrong to live the way you really are – as long as you don’t harm or hurt any one else – so do these people, these pretty girls- wish them well and happy ^ – ^

DAY 5: Bangkok

9:00 AM-visit the pagoda of The four faced buddha

gorgeous golden decoration on the roof of the pagoda

gorgeous golden decoration on the roof of the pagoda

while my “tour-mates” were taking photographs with the beautiful scene here, I took a walk around the pagoda, and then I saw a cat-sleeping at the threshold.

Even though I was dying to take some photos of the cat, I was still afraid that the photographing would annoy the monk sitting behind the little cat.

a little new friend named Lucky ^ - ^

a charming cat named Lucky ^ – ^ (Lucky, you should meet Meatbun someday)

As he could read my mind, the monk raised his hand and gave me a sign which I found as ” feel free to do that “. He also tried to tell me in English (and I tried my guessing) that the cat’s name is Lucky , Lucky used to be homeless,he (pointed at the cat) was very lucky… and when he said that, his eyes were full filled by a warm river of love.

“He does love Lucky,and he is so kind,too”-I thought,and the result of that thought was ……I decided to pull him into the photo – SECRETLY > v < just only for me to remember I had ever met a kind person like this.

When I said thank you to him and managed to leave, he gave me an appple ,oh I love apple – even the way he said goodbye was very nice (and delicious), too  ^ – ^!

little new friend named Lucky

The very very kind monk 

10H30 AM: The river tour

-On our way to the riverside, I saw a very beautiful gate . What a pity we didn’t stop there for a while 😦

" The Tian Hua Hospital "

” The Tian Hua Hospital “

"keep moving forward- as life does"

“keep moving forward- as life does”

-We stopped then to feed the fish-a very special kind of fish-“they were released to this river by the king and the queen of Thailand-That’s why people here love these fish very well,they feed them ,they even won’t eat them (if they don’t really have to – in case that they are in a deep red,they will have to catch some fish with their hearts sinking in shame” – said my tour guide)

-He also told us that : ” Tourists often feed these fish with some bread or sandwich, when they enjoy their food,your bad luck and unhappy stories will also be “eaten” !”

fish feeding

fish feeding

Bought a loaf of sandwich for 20bt, teared it into pieces and threw to the school of fish , I wish them nothing but a good lunch : )

Bad lucks are something that you will always have to face until the last day of your life, so it will be just fine letting the fish enjoy their true meal,and we, enjoy every single day with our good/bad/normal luck or whatever : )

flying home

coming home

-Our ship dropped it anchor infront of a small pagoda which has many many pretty pigeons.

taking a rest in the middle of the life

even living in a big family, you may feel lonely sometimes…  

– I saw a big bin which was full filled of bird’s treat, anyone can take some to feed the pigeons-for free !

Everytime those little gourmand birds regconized the signal of  “FOOD IS COMING”- They flew straight to that direction, left those people who have just feed them a few minutes ago-behind – > __ < that was just so…”life”!

a lovely corner

a lovely corner

12:30 PM- 8:30 PM: the last famous S of Thailand -SHOPPING !

–   We started our shopping “journey” at Big C super market , and then the night market – 2 words : super nice – both for goods and the people here ^ v ^

Crepe with many different choices of topping- I picked cheese and ham for this ^ - ^

Crepe with many different choices of topping- I picked cheese and ham for this ^ – ^

the city with it new sparkling night dress

the city with it  sparkling night dress

-Note of the day: 

1/Here in Thailand, you can’t build your private house which is higher than the pagoda in that area or you will have bad luck .

There is a very famous story about 3 brothers who came from India, they decided to build a very luxury and super high building here-near the riverside, although the local people told them not to do so,they had their mind made up ! And when the building was done , a thunder hit and caused the building heavy damage !

the poor building

the poor building

2/Another story is about “The promise with the Four faced Buddha” – there was a very poor woman who used to work in the four faced buddha pagoda. Couldn’t stand being poor, she prayed to the four faced buddha:” if you can make me rich, I will run 10 rounds in the area of this pagoda” – no longer after the pray , she won lotteries – became richer than she had ever thought.

But she forgot her promise, and about 2-3 years later, her legs and arms started to be powerless ,many famous doctor can do nothing but told her : “I’m sorry” – Day by day,all thing THAT she could do was just sat there-and waited for the sunset of her life which was believed to come earlier than it should without any reason.

One night,she saw the four faced buddha in her dream, the buddha asked her :” do you still remember your promise ? ” – she woke up and found herself understand everything.

treasure on the wall

treasure on the wall

Her son and she-on her wheelchair came to the pagoda in the next morning.When she started to perform her promise by taking off her clothes, the security guy came and stopped her- “you can’t do something like that here- this is a pagoda!”-He said angrily. “, I must do this, this is my only chance…” and she told him her story.

“Ok,then,you should better come again at night, when nobody can see you , tell your son to cover this area with a long white fabric and everything will be just fine”-said the security. She did what he had said, came again when the night fell. Unexpectedly ,many people included journalists(didn’t know how they got the information 🙂 ) were there-already-waiting to see her performance . She told them her story and then started the job.

Since she couldn’t walk anymore , the only way for her to move around the pagoda was using her hands.That was trully hurt, but amazingly, after 10 rounds, she could now move her toes-little by little , she felt better.

Many years after that event, she now is a poor woman-again. She and her family found their happiness and peace in selling flowers for people who want to visit the pagoda, and you will always hear this from her : “Please remember to perform your promise whenever you wish comes true, remember! ”

story source : My tour guide : )

DAY 6: 

9:30 AM: Visited the Safari World

the map of the zoo

the map of the zoo

There are many factors that give hand in building the Safari World’s fame : variety of shows and events for visitors to enjoy,good customer services , a wide open area where the animals are living in their real habitat , we-human can only take part in that world through the glass of our cars…

To me ,the important factor falls into the field of  souvenirs, their little animals keyring are just awesome > v < (Haha I know, childlike thinking huh ? 🙂 )

I want to spend all my life swimming with you, I really do !

I want to spend all my life swimming with you, I really do !

hands touch! warm and cold at the same time !

Hands touching – felt warm and cold at the same time !

I really had no idea what was he thinking while keeping his gaze in the middle of no-where like that : l did he feel blue or something ?

gorgeous eye!

 his gorgeous eye ( and mysterious gaze) !

The cow boy's show - What a beautiful background > v <

The cow boy’s show – What a beautiful background > v <

1 thing 2 meanings-a little cool bottle of water for me - a life's burden that he has to face every day

  a little bottle of water sometime may has 2 tastes – sweet and cool for me – and a life’s burden that he has to face every day-bitter!

6:30 PM: coming home!

Home !

Home !

-note of the day:

-Come back to Thailand someday, to eat more of their wonderful street food, to buy me more of these beautiful accessories, to know more about their interesting stories, to “taste” again many bittersweet feelings, to smile with those very friendly and kind people…and, to feel how I miss my home,too, all of these things are just …amazing ^ v ^


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    • ^ – ^ to be honest, it was quite “bittersweet” (in a bright side – may be more “sweet” than “bitter” 😛 ) anyway, thank you so much for paying me a visit ^ – ^ and leaving this nice comment, too !

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      Anyway,thanks so much for dropping by my garden ^ – ^ haha ,I love Thai food, too , even I didn't have enough time to discover more, there were so many delicous traditional Thai food in the floating market, you sure will love this place I bet ^ v ^

  1. Wow it looks like a fairy tale! It’s awesome, and also you’re a very talented writer! Sorry that some times my comments are very short but I’m not that good with English.

    • Oh it’s really no need to say sorry,Geopego ^ – ^ I love every visits and comments dearly , no matter how long they are!

      Thanks for your very nice compliment, it did make my day 🙂 I keep learning and improving my english little by little, since there are so many mistakes and poor-using of mine,I’m not that good either !

      Let’s try our best,Geopego,fighting fighting ^ – ^ !

    • ^ – ^ I love staying around in the gorgeous place which is full of colorful flowers of yours so well, too ! Thanks for your visit, feel free to come back anytime, Pat Benson!

      yup, that was such an amazing trip I had! ^ – ^

    • I just can’t wait to “see” your story ,Hua Wei ^ – ^ It’s ok, I think, enjoy yours 3 days and come back to explore more then !

      Haha ,you are really sensitive and details-loving, aren’t you ? The comment does bring a smile on my face, feel so happy ^ v ^ Yup , birds and butterflies are my favorite animals, I want to be one of them in my next life !

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