Meat bun – a grass lover ?

Mom, I love eating grasses so much !

Mom, I love eating grasses so much !

SHE DID EAT GRASSES!!! >______<  OMG! Meatbun is my (and my family’s ) very first cat, we have no experience in such situation like this !

she gave me this look when I stopped her from eating those grasses :l

grass lover =)

Then before I managed to kill myself for letting her eat those things – I found out the information that : it’s no big deal if someday your cats add grasses into their menu of desserts  , grasses can help them to digest those hairs that they swallow when “tongue brushing ” – or “tongue bathing” -I should say !

in her new dress ^ - ^

in her new dress ^ v ^

Pheww ! Good to know that my girl will be ok,raising a child is really a hard work to do : ) and a very long way to study, too ,but as long as you love your baby, it will be just fine ! Good luck to every mommy and daddy in the world ^ – ^ !

added note : Dear Sharon , I did ask her =)) and this is what we got !

-me : do you want “Grass bun” as your new nickname, Mb ?

-Meat bun :

:)) ok , ok , take it easy...

:)) ok , ok , take it easy…


38 thoughts on “Meat bun – a grass lover ?

    • ^ – ^ Thanks so much, it’s very kind of you for saying this,Chris13jkt !

      About her name, when I adopted Meatbun, she was a ~1,5 months old abandoned little kitty. it seemed that life was not very sweet to her – too young to suffer that much, no mom, no home, lack of protection and food, she was very thin that time. So I named her Meat bun since I hoped that she would grow up to be a chubby , healthy and happy little kitty of mine ^ – ^

    • =)) I plan to buy Meat bun some cat grass and catnip,grasses in the park will not be so safe for her to eat ,I think!

      However,the price of catnip and cat grass is not that cheap,and they are not very popular at my place – so find and buy them is not an easy job to do,too ! > v <

      Moreover, these are counted as "salad","desserts" or "functional food", I don't think I can manage to survice ,to be healthy or to have…..six-pack by eating desserts only = ))

    • haha = )) Grass bun ??!!! OMG , sounds very nice for a nickname = )) I will ask her about this! Thanks for visiting my garden , Sharon ^ – ^

      p/s : yeah I didn’t know that they can eat grass ,either ! 🙂 raising a baby is that fun 🙂 do you have any pet, Sharon ?

      • Hahaha. no worry. you got a nice garden here 😛

        I have turtles when i was a kid. But then I let ’em go. Now I have nothing but a dolphin doll and some naughty ants in my room.

        • ^ – ^ Thanks Sharon,you are so kind saying that !

          Oh! You must miss those little guys so much then! ^ v ^ haha – ants,they (those don’t bite) are kind of nice! I love dolphin (,too), but there is no door for me to have a real one 😛 anyway, do you have any plan for a new little friend yet?

  1. Meatbun just earned her place on my personal “Top 5 cutest cats EVER!” list, hehehe!
    OMG! That must be one of the cutest cats ever…
    Love your blog❤
    Keep writing

    • ^ – ^ wow thanks so much , Meatbun will be sooooo happy knowing this ! will you plan to have post about your cat someday ? He(or she) is the cutest one in your list ,I bet ! > – ^

    • so do I , Efratadenny ^ – ^ but the eyes’ color of some cats may change, I have a friend who adopted 2 little cats – the baby boy used to have grey eyes when he was young (abt 1,5 months old) , when he was abt 3 months old, his eyes turned green , and now they are light green !

    • ^ – ^ Thank you so much, Sandi! Meat bun has many dresses 🙂 and she loves them (I guess), I have just bought her some new clothes for this coming Lunar new year ,hope they will fit her well !

        • so sorry for replying this late 😦 I have just noticed that there is an unanswer comment of my friend here ! Oh , those college days were trully busy to me ^ – ^ well then , may you have high marks with your assignments , cheer up and keep fighting , acha acha Brandy ^ – ^ (<— I took this word from Korean drama, means like do your best / fighting / come on ..)

    • ^ – ^ Thanks so much Geopego ,Love to having you as my friend very well!

      I’m thinking that Meat bun,Apollo and Pikachu will be very good friends if they meet, for sure 🙂

      p/s: Gotta tell you something,Geopego, she is a sweet cat outside – but a true lion inside 😛

    • Nah , she is a dinosaur,Alexandra (let just keep this as a secret, ok ? ) ^ – ^

      Thanks for dropping by my little garden, have a colorful day 🙂 !

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