My small field of music (1 – 15)

Music is truly magical – people say, and I do agree with them.

I find some of my favorite songs as keys which can bring back (or unlock I should say) my boxes of memories . Then I may enjoy and sink into those remarkable moments over and over again (no matter in the happy way or the blue one) .

Memories that I hold dearly ...
Memories that I hold dearly …

I just want to stored songs that I loved so well here – in my garden ^ – ^  if you ever drop by, plz take a seat, have some tea and enjoy – hope they can somehow make your day, as they really did to me!

songs will be updated occasionally ^ – ^

1/ Don’t cry Joni- Conway Twitty

2/ Fly me to the moon – Lisa Ono

3/ Valder Fields – Tamas Wells

4/ Somewhere over the rainbow – Israel “IZ”

5/ Bésame Mucho – Laura Fygi

6/ The summer – Josh Pyke

7/ Jamaica farewell – Don Williams

8/ Country Roads – John Denver

9/ Historia de un amor –  Lisa Ono

10/ Summer wine – Ville Valo feat. Natalia Avelon

11/This Masquerade-the Carpenters

12/ When will I see you again-Mimi Lo

13/ And I love you so – Emi Fujita

14/ Can’t smile without you –

Peppi Kamadhatu

15/ Forever & Ever, Amen – Randy Travis


43 thoughts on “My small field of music (1 – 15)

    • I’m really happy to know this, Chris13jkt ^ – ^ Thanks for droping by the garden, you are so kind !

      At first, I wanted to post a huge collection of songs, but then I changed my mind 🙂 too much in one topic may be not so good (may the page be knocked down ? : l ) , just enough is fine !

      Have a nice day ^ – ^ !

    • ^ – ^ to be honest, I don’t have much knowledge in music.I pick songs based on my moods – but my moods are up and down, kind of moody 🙂 yup , I guess that’s the reason why you may got some “wide variety”-feeling ^ – ^ Anyway,hope you like them !

      p/s : do you like any of them , Yellow Cable ^ – ^ ?

        • “Summer Wine” was one of my English-listening tests ^ – ^ I also liked it in a heartbeat, Yellow Cable ! May be we both fall in love with that summer wine which is made from “strawberries , cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring…”

          p/s: Thanks for dropping by, Yellow Cable! Cheers!

        • I did , Efratadenny ^ – ^ I always love those interesting (and sometime yummy) posts at your place !Thanks so much for this amazing fern stir one, It’s so lucky and happy to have you as my friends ^ – ^ wish you and you family well !

          p/s: Oh I miss Arya so much , how has she been these days,Efratadenny ? 🙂

            • No, I haven’t tried yet, Efratadenny ! I collected some ferns and washed them with water and salt, then put all in the fridge 😛 I will let you know whenever I tried it, for sure ^ – ^ Thank many many times for sending me those nice photos and the way to cook this interesting dish!

              Oh, it’s happy to know that ^ – ^ I just can’t wait to see Arya!

    • ^ – ^ your comment did make me feel so happy, too !

      #8 (in Japanese ver) which is from a cartoon of Ghibli named : My Neighbor Totoro, was one of my favorite childhood songs ^ – ^ always have the bittersweet feeling whenever I listen to it!

      Then Ellie,stop by anytime and enjoy the show, you are always welcome here,plz feel free to bring the HMC along ^ – ^ !

    • ^ – ^ glad you love them,Writer Rabbit !Thanks for paying me a visit , plz feel free to drop by anytime you like!

      p/s: Your avatar is just so cute !

  1. Nice idea, I must post some music, I get so caught up in photography sometimes I forget the others things that make me happy. Thank you for the prompt and for a nice list of songs 🙂

    • ^ – ^ You are so welcome,Cathy! I took a trip to your place, you are a gifted photographer 🙂 Happy blogging !
      p/s: Can’t wait to enjoy your coming music! Thanks for paying me a visit, plz stay around ^ – ^

  2. Great set of songs, a very eclectic mix – which is perfect. Williams, Twitty, IZ and one of my favorites Randy Travis…and then some new artists/song to enjoy as well. 🙂

    • Very happy to know that you enjoyed them,Dalo ^ ^

      Everytime I turn my pc on ,I can hardly do a thing without listening some favorite songs of mine !

      • Me too. Music is a great inspiration, and I love it but unfortunately cannot play any instrument, which I think makes me love & appreciate music even more.

        • haha , then we are really on the same boat,Dalo ,neither can I ^ – ^

          I esp love piano, Violin size 1/4, ukulele and harmonica , but…haha,I really got no talent in this field . I have a friend who can play so many kinds of music instruments which makes me admire her well.

          However, nobody is perfect eh ? ^ ^ then I think I should better keep doing and improving what I’m really good at,abt the instrument things ? nah , enjoying is enough ,don’t you think so,Dalo ?

            • Haha, brilliant! ^ – ^ Yah, that’s a win-win relationship eh ? they love to creat things and we enjoyed their creations, all of us are happy!

    • oh my ,sorry so much for my super late reply ,Christina > – < !

      ^ – ^ Thanks so much, you are so nice for leaving me these lovely words! Yah, somewhere over the rainbow is one of my favorites,too , good luck with that ,Chirstina ^ – ^ and plz share with us your song then!

just can't wait to hear from you ^ - ^

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