My AWARDS ^ – ^

——————————-THE LIEBSTER AWARD——————————- 

liebster Still not done with my crying things from the moment I received the award ,so happy, oaoa – > o < ,  since this is my very first award on WP, it does mean a lot to me. Thanks so many many times for hugging me this way, The Peckish Kiwi (– my dear friend , and the owner of a very yummy blog,hope you will get well soon then we may celebrate this ^ – ^ I also want to send my thanks and hugs to all of my friends on WP, really happy to meet you guys here in my little garden,plz feel free to drop by and enjoy some tea whenever you like 🙂 !

The Rules of the Award:

1/ Post eleven facts about yourself.

2/  Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated.

3/ Choose eleven people (with fewer than 200 followers) to give this award to and link them in your post.

4/ Go to their page and tell them.

5/  Remember, no tag backs.

A/11 random facts abt me

me-falling in the Fall

me-falling in the Fall

1/ I can’t drink beer in general, a small sip then everything will be out of control, believe me, you won’t want to know it!

2/ I’m the only child in my family

3/ I have owned 2 mice, 2 hamsters, 1 flower horn fish (king kamfa), a school of aquarium fish, a haft moon betta ,a bunny, a hedgehog, 4 parrots, 1 falcon, and 1 cat by now!

4/ Plants / flowers I love: cactus, water hyacinth and dandelion


water hyacinth

5/ Can’t play any musical instruments > – <

6/ When I was abt 7 ,I did want to be a taekwondo master.

7/ Have crazy interest in collecting key chains, now I have more than 300 of them (and not so much money left =)) )

8/ Can’t stand the dark > – <

9/ Can’t stand the crowd @ – @

10/ Weird habit: note down dreams (hate the feeling that I can’t remember what I had dreamed abt while do know that there was a dream last night)

11/ Thing that I always say to myself : everything will be just fine ^ – ^ !

B/For The Peckish Kiwi’s questions :


1/ Tomato sauce or Ketchup ?

– None ,chili sauce plz 🙂

2/ Tortellini or Ravioli ?

-Tortellini , love round more than square ^ – ^ (thanks Mr Google for the info)

3/ Early bird or Night Owl?

– Night owl, but can somehow transform to be an early bird when I meet deadlines (working overnight 🙂 )

4. If you had a cow, what would you call it?

-I had 4 in my harvest moon game ^ – ^ The first one was named Windy!

5. If you were promised $10,000 a day for the rest of your life, but had to spend each lot of $10,000 in the day you received it (so no using finance or hire purchase), what would you spend your first $10,000 on?

-Buy a new house with huge garden and pond (for lotus, water lily and Koi) !

6. Are you more likely to be ten minutes early or ten minutes late?

-10 minutes early and… 30 minutes late > v <

7. What’s your favourite go to meal when you’re just cooking for yourself after a hard day of work when you are feeling lazy? Or if you don’t cook, what’s your favourite feed me now I’m hungry meal.

-in case I have to cook : instant noodles with egg and a box of ready-to-drink-flower tea -in case I don’t cook : instant noodles (no need to use any hot water this time =)) )

8. Do you dream in colour?

-Yes, I think I dream in colour since what I remember are all in colour !

9. What’s your favourite Eddie Murphy movie?

-Love his voice in the serie of Shrek, his new movie : a thousand words

10. Have you ever talked your way out of a speeding ticket?

-Never before, the speeding ticket is not very common here , lucky me =)

11. What’s the best thing about this blogging gig for you?

-Amazing friends ^ – ^

 C/ Questions for my dear nominees:

DSC01823 1/ Do you have any pet?

2/ if you could change 2 parts of your body, what would you choose?

3/ what’s your pc/laptop/Pad‘s wallpaper right now?

4/ what is your favorite (or used to be favorite) toy?

5/ umbrella or rain coat?

6/ if the time was stopped, nothing or no one could ever move-EXCEPT you, what would you do ?

7/ Do you believe in love at the first sight?

8/ Do you have special interest in colleting something?

9/ If you could choose the way you die, how would it be?

10/ Your biggest fear?

11/ If you could have a special power (like those in X men for example) , what would you choose ?

Making decisions or choices is really hard to me, and the rule #3 was really killing me,how can I manage to know the number of my friends’ followers if there isn’t shown > – < ?! Finally, these are 11 blogs (if only I can choose more ) that I want to nominate – based on the rule of the award (:)) ,and my love for these friends of mine ^ – ^

D/ Nominated blogs


Wise thoughts and beautiful clicks

Lovely place of cats and DIY things

This is all about amazing flowers ^ – ^

Another sweet lady with her blog

Sweet and inspiring place

House of a lovely Sphynx cat, his brother and their human- Sofia

A beautiful place that I always want to stay around

Woof woof – meet Monty !

One of my very first friends on WP – a gifted photographer

A simply beautiful place and soul

Little house of a handsome 21 year-old grey tiger cat and his human-Ellie!



The Illuminating Blogger Award was designed to showcase blogs that have proviced illuminating and informative blog content.

> v < THIS IS JUST SO COOL! The award is truly an unbelievable honour to me ..(start to cry..again > o < ).Thank you so so so much Parth893,I always admire your wise views toward life as well as those  amazing photos of yours.Here is his place:

The Rules of the Award:

1/ Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you

2/ Acknowledge that blogger on your blog by posting the link in your post.

3/ Share a random thing about you

4/ Select 5 or more nominess for the award,Go to their page and tell them

 A random thing abt me:

I love pink ^ – ^ (that why I love this kitty bag of mine so much although I have said goodbye my teen-hood for several years ❤ ,I even have a nick name called Candy that time)


As I said before, this “choosing thing” is really hard for me > – < . After my hair all turned grey, I finally ended up with 20 nominees who I have always respect as well as keep leanring so much from them.Here they are :




















All I want to have now is a small celebration > v < Plz feel free to serve yourself some cakes and flower tea, we have milk and cookies for pets,too, have a sweet day, my dear friends !



what a cool award ^ - ^

what a cool award ^ – ^

And this cool award was given by a very cool friend of mine : Paranoiasnfm , you can visit his interesting and inspring word here :

Thanks so much, Paranoiasnfm ^ – ^ you are always one of my very great friends in this WP world. I feel so thanksful for all your likes, comments and sharings , wish you a sweet day then 🙂 !

 The Rules of the Award:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself .
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and show their links.
5. Go to their pages and tell them.

7 things abt me:

1/ I have special interest in bracelets (with more than 200 of them)

one of my favorite bracelets ^^

one of my favorite bracelets ^^

2/ I want to be a bird or a butterfly in my next life .

3/ I’m using a pinky Nokia c3 .

I love qwerty keyboard ^^

I love qwerty keyboard ^^

4/ Bad at telling lies (you will know when I do it, I bet)

5/ Don’t like chocolate very well > ^ <

6/ Can’t stand of being alone.

7/ The first dreamed-job : was to be a princess =)) haha

Nominated blogs

Enjoy your day ^ – ^ !


> v < I want to keep this post as a Page for all things abt Awards,love to see you guys around!


47 thoughts on “My AWARDS ^ – ^

    • ^ – ^ You are always much more than welcome,Yellow Cable ! The sweet place of yours is alway on my tops list to stay around!

      Glad to know you like the phrase ^ – ^ it’s truly helpful!

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  2. Thank you so much! I had to Google “haft moon betta” they are beautiful, you are very lucky indeed to own such amazing pets they must be very relaxing. I will post about my reward and my answer as soon as I can. Once again thank you for your kindness.

    • ^ – ^ little boy in my place used to enjoy the betta fish so much, they will take care of the fish, then bring them to the battle, that’s why betta also called the fighting fish.

      I have never bring my fish to the battle,I just adore his “fancy dress” (female betta will have smaller and shorter tail), you are so right,Rusell , watching them was very relaxing ^ – ^ !

      With such amazing jobs you have done there, your place really deserves it, Rusell! You are welcome ^ – ^

    • ^ o ^ wow, glad you love my little garden,this really brings me a smile,Pat Benson, you are so welcome ! I do enjoy the colorful and fresh flower-world of yours,too ! Wish you a beautiful day 🙂 !

  3. Yin Yin, congratulations on your recent awards, and many thanks for your nomination. I shall look forward to exploring the blogs of the other nominees.

    I imagine that springtime is quite beautiful in Vietnam now? Would love to return someday soon. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Tricia A.Mitchell ^ – ^ Long time no see, how are you doing these days ? ^ – ^ Oh, happy exploring then!

      The rainy season is on her way coming > v < it not "spring" very much, but somehow beautiful I feel, you are always welcome here,Tricia ^ – ^

  4. Thank you so much for the nomination, it’s a great honour! Oh, and I love Hello Kitty too! You can never be too old for Hello Kitty, right? 🙂

    • cool ^ – ^ so happy we share the same feeling about Hello Kitty ,you are just so right,Laura !

      There is no need to say thank you, the lovely place of yours really deserves it ^ – ^ I will keep staying around , your handsome cat and my little lady must be very good friends I guess !

    • ^ – ^ you’re very welcome,Efratadenny ! But I’m the one who have to say thanks you ^ – ^ since I have learnt so much from you! Have a nice day,too 🙂 !

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    • ^ – ^ Thanks so much , my dear!

      You are so welcome , too ,I really love your place – with those wonderful sharings,you deserve it! Have a great weekend ^ – ^ !

  6. Hi again! Thank you again! Congratulations on your award too 🙂 I’m quite busy lately but will try and squeeze in the thinking time for this! PS Just want you to know that I think your blog is gorgeous 🙂

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  9. Congratulations Yin on all these awards! You certainly deserve them. Thank you for giving The Illuminating Blogger Award. You are so kind. I’m sorry to be so tardy getting back to you. I’m very honored. I must confess that I am terrible about doing the award post so please don’t take it as a lack of appreciation if I don’t get it done. 🙂

    • It’s ok ^ – ^ I am the one who feel happy to know that you like the award,Foresterartist! ^ – ^

      I get your message, don’t worry,you have your right to take it whenever you like , it’s yours already !

      And I think the award is the way I express my love to my wp friends, to tell you guys that I am thankful for all the sharings , and how I enjoy their places- that’s the most important thing or message I want to send out by nominating friends, Foresterartist! ^ – ^

      Have a great day ^ – ^ you are always more than welcome to be my guest here!

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