The shape of happiness ?

"The little book of happiness"

“The little book of happiness”

20/3/2013 – how did you spend your very first “International day of Happiness”?

if the day is quite new to you (As it really was to me > v < ),this is some info for us to scan:

“The International Day of Hapiness is celebrated throughout the world on 20 March. It was established by the United Nations on 28 June 2012.

the icon of the day

the icon of the day

Colombia was ranked the “Happiest Country in the World” by the end of 2012 according to the Huffington Post. Most of the countries in the Top 10 were all from Latin America!”

Luckily, I can find my happiness in very simple things of my daily life! I love to share you somes ^ – ^ Hope that they can somehow make your day,too !

– Food

Monte Carlo - cheese with passion fruit > v <

Monte Carlo – cheese with passion fruit > v <

Vietnamese's "Bánh Tôm"- crunchy treat with fried sweet potato and shrimp

Vietnamese’s “Bánh Tôm”- crunchy treat with fried sweet potato and shrimp

Jasmine tea

Jasmine tea

– Spending time with MeatBun

do you want to play, mom ?

do you want to play, mom ?

^ - ^ she is really smiling there !

^ – ^ she is really smiling there !

– Gardening

dandelion's seeds :)

dandelion’s seeds 🙂

– Window-shopping  (doing shopping  – on the other hand- may somehow knock me out > ~ < ) 

a cute teddy bear - bookstore in district 1

a cute teddy bear – bookstore in district 1

– People watching 

way to "box" the emotion

way to “box” the emotion

– Everywhere – everything “click –click” ^ – ^

district 1

district 1

pagoda - district 5

pagoda – district 5

a lovely coffee shop-district PN

a lovely coffee shop- PN district  

district 7

sunset on a river – district 7

a lovegrass field - district 2

a lovegrass field – district 2

However,like a picture, life doesn’t have bright colors and bright things only, when it’s needed, I sure will give myself permission to be blue. (or find some-one to bite is not a bad idea though > v < )

Then, as always, I will start to find the happiness back by spending time with those “simple things” of mine and the saying: everything will be just fine!

"it's good to touch the green green grass of home"

“it’s good to touch the green green grass of home”

Well,how about you? What ‘s the shape of your happiness ^ – ^?

*Edited – don’t know why the “smiley & yummy potato” photo broke 😦  have to change the FI of the post then !


48 thoughts on “The shape of happiness ?

    • It’s the incense,The Peckish Kiwi ^ – ^ When you want to send your wish to the Buddha to make it come true,buy one of this incense and write down your wish on the red paper which goes with the incense , then burn it and your wish may come true 🙂

      p/s: Thank you ^ – ^ Meat Bun will be so happy to know that you like her photos!

    • ^ – ^ Thanks for your visit,Geekly Girl, you comment really makes me happy !

      My dear camera is the pinky Sony-T77 ! It’s a digital camera that I have brought for many years,no matter what, I love it deeply, I feel so lucky and happy to have such a little pinky friend who really understands me and catches exactly the way I feel :)!

    • > v < they are really yummy,Ellie, my mouth is watering whenever I look at these photos, yum yum! ^ – ^ Meat Bun will be very happy for your kind words, meow meow (I guess she loves to be you guys' friend so much)

      Have a nice day,Ellie! and have a meow day,HMC 🙂

  1. I had never heard of the International Day of Happiness! Very interesting!! I wish I had celebrated it or could at least remember what I did that day, haha. It seems like you spent the day very well. Beautiful pictures! Love the one in the grassfield.

    • ^ – ^ me had either,haha! It’s was so new to me that I had to check the info of the day clearly! It’s ok,Tiffany ^ – ^ everyday will be a happy day if you do think it is !

      Thanks for your lovely comments ,I am so into that lovegrass field too, it’s not easy to catch thing like this in such a crowded city ! That’s why I love your place so well, wild ducks ,ponds…<3 ! Have a nice day then,Tiffany!

    • ^ – ^ Thanks so much Kjherstin! Yes that’s a very cute little book which belongs to a verry beautiful collection , uhm…let me see, there are bout 5 or 6 of them in a set, with defferent topics !

    • You are so kind for sending me that much nice words ,Kjherstin ^ – ^ , however, I am not the one who baked that yummy Monte Carlo, it’s the dessert which I love most from the favorite coffee shop of mine!

      Anyway, I found the recipe for the cake (in Vietnamese), ^ – ^ let me give it a try,if the recipe works well , I will share the traslated version with you ,Kjherstin !

      haha , thanks for the love ,Meat Bun will be very happy then ! If you want to see more photos of her,plz check this out:

      ^ – ^ Have a nice day!

  2. Hi Yin,
    I’ve never heard of the International Day of Happiness, but happiness is always in my heart.
    Hope with that I can turn gloomy days to be a little bit bright, at least for me 🙂

    • Hi,How are you doing these days,Chris ^ – ^ ?

      The International Day of Happiness is also very new to me,I even found it as a joke at first,haha – a lovely joke!

      Glad to know that you always have happiness in your heart, Chris,hope you will always have bright and shining days in life then ^ – ^!

      However,gloomy days sometime and somehow have their beauty to enjoy I think,just like the feeling of….umh….how can I say – like taking a sip of the thick Matcha (Japanese Green Tea), the bitter really brings me joy ^ ^ !

    • 🙂 yes,she always is,to me ! Glad to know that you like her,too ! Have a meow day (meow = nice – in Meat Bun’s language) ,Cornelia Winn ^ – ^ !

  3. I love your post!!! And the idea of International Happiness Day. People watching, window shopping, MeatBun – these are all wonderful things!
    My happiness would consist of my dog (a yorkie-poo named Chester), a good book, some green tea, and a great view – either in Pittsburgh, or somewhere away from home!
    Thank you for such a beautiful post!

    • Thanks for this very lovely comment of yours,Zoe Macisaac ^ – ^ I love the concept of the day,too, hope that we will have more and bigger celebrations for The International Happy day next year!

      ^ – ^ Oh,books,green tea and sightseeing – all are perfect to make a beautiful day – Chester must be a very lovely little dog,AHHH,can’t wait to know more about Chester > v <

      Have a sweet day, Zoe Macisaac 🙂 !

  4. I can’t find any importance of putting that kind of day. I’ll say this instead “happiness day is ridiculous” that’s too rough i guess 😀

    I live my life everyday happily.

    Maybe you’ll need to read my post “New Year” to understand my reason.

    But whatever, i love the photos. That food look so delicious (˘⌣˘)

    • Haha , I highly appreciate this “’ll say this instead “happiness day is ridiculous” that’s too rough i guess” – Yoggi ^ – ^ Glad to know that you live happily everyday ^ – ^ and yes, I will drop by your place then!

      I don’t know how people feel about the day, but I feel it’s not about the importance or some deep wise meaning’s matter of it,Yoggi,we may have some different guesses like :

      -for those who are “neutro” – who don’t think too much about this matter,the day may be ok , the concept is nice (or aceptable), or it may make them think deeper about the happiness then…

      -for those who find happiness comes from within, some of them may think that the day is not very helpful, or some of them may feel that’s a sweet little thing to brighter this happy life ( <— I'm here : ) )…

      I think they give us the day since they want to tell us : "remember to be happy everyday" instead of "you must be happy on that day"

      or about we don’t think too much and just enjoy it ,Yoggi > v < I'm not very good at thinking things deeply!

      In general, I love the day ^ – ^ if there is no day like this ,everything will still be fine (no one will get hurt ^ – ^ ), but if we have it , things will turn out better, at least we now have 1 more reason to celebrate and enjoy this life , don't you think it's good,Yoggi ?

      ^ – ^ Thanks for your very kind words, those treats are really yummy !They are just perfect for a rainy (and hungry) day !

        • > v < Meat Bun will love this "little gift" of yours so well! Many many thanks Yoggi! Feel free to drop by my garden anytime you like ,and bring 2 lovely cats of you as well as 2 "cute monsters", too! Have a nice day ^ v ^ !

    • ^ v ^ many many thanks for your lovely comment, Diede , I also enjoyed your thoughts and those “Psychological posts” very well! Yup, happiness in small things ,a song , a picture, a beautiful dress …it can be anything 🙂

      Happy blogging and have a nice day,Diede ^ – ^ I will stay around!

    • ^ – ^ Thanks for your lovely agreement ! Yah , then life will become so beautiful by enjoying every little things that way!

      Have a great coming weekend, to you and your family!

    • ^ – ^ Glad to know that you really like my photos, my dear friend!

      Yah , I do feel her happiness whenever she smiles , and those moments bring me so much peace ^ – ^

      You are very welcome, stay in touch and have a sweet day 🙂 !

  5. Ảnh của Yin bao giờ cũng thanh thoát, tao nhã, đúng như tinh thần trà đạo. Có dịp tr sẽ cho Yin mượn cuốn “trà thư” của Okakura (vì chỉ có 1 cuốn, nếu gặp lại nó, tr sẽ mua dành tặng) ko bit Yin đã đọc qua chưa.

    • ^ – ^ ah, Y chưa đọc qua cuốn “Trà Thư”, nhưng có lên google kiếm thử rồi nè ,Y cũng thích đọc sách lắm , hồi đó thì thích đọc truyện ngắn,giờ lại ghiền tản văn và du kí!

      Ưn, cám ơn Tr nhiều nhiều ha ^ – ^ vì lời hẹn “hấp dẫn” và lời khen dễ thương nữa! (Thật ra nghe Tr cảm thấy vậy, Y vui lắm luôn – vì “nhẹ nhàng” cũng là cảm xúc mà Y thích “đóng hộp” vô hình của mình nhất ^ ^ )

  6. Beautiful pictures! LOVE the last one! For me that is the shape of happiness. Strolling in the garden, being close to nature, away from the mad rush of cities. You expressed it perfectly in the last picture!

    • yah, I do agree with you,Uday,being close to the nature is really great! I always spend my weekend finding me a place to hide,to feel peace – often in a green green meadow,a small lake ,the love-grass field is very nice,too!

      Really appy to know that you shared the same feeling,Uday ^ – ^ !

      May you always find happiness and peace in life!


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