About me ^ – ^

My name is Yin Wu (you can call me yin ). I have just graduated from my university with marketing as my major ^ – ^ This is my little profile:

-Zodiac: Sagittarius

-Things that really inspire me: the ocean, the moon, meadow,flowers , animals (especially cats, foxes, and butterflies), rain or drizzle, breeze,and…food ( 🙂 )…

-Big fan of: anime and manga (especially creations from Ghibi studio and CLAMP) ,Disney

– Can’t stand being alone (but sometimes just wanna find a place to hide and stay away from everyone without any specific reason >_<  )

– Love watching cartoon, anime , humorous and horror movies (even I may find myself fainting > v < )

-Very bad at: Math and technology, haha 🙂

– Favorite drinks : tea (say no to coffee in any form )

– Love to collect : Note books , key chains , teddy bears and dried flowers

I am not a professtional photographer even though I love photographing very well .That’s why this is just a personal blog where I wanna share you guys some remarkable little things of my daily world as well as learning from you   ^ – ^

If you ever stop by, be my friend ^ – ^ I will be very happy to welcome any of your opinion and comment so that I can improve myself little by little, wish you well!

 For further information, please contact me!Thank you ^ – ^


84 thoughts on “About me ^ – ^

  1. Hi. Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed to recent entry on Dalat. I particularly enjoyed the photo, Bird of Paradise, because of the nice use of color in black and white to bring the viewers attention to the flower. And I also liked the, what was it now? The rice cake one, I think it’s called. With the eggs and rice and what looks like green onions. Wish you well.

    • ^ – ^ I also just can’t wait to tell you how much I appreciated this comment! Thanks so much, Augustmeditations

      The bird of paradise is one of mine favorites, too, yeah , since the flower itself has so many colors with special shape , then I decided to edit it that way , however, I’m not so good at photoshop , it’s very glad to hear that you like the job : )

      You are so right ,Augustmeditations ! That’s green onion, they also add some tiny shrimps , an egg , beef , and the main filling which I had picked – Cheese 🙂 The treat was really yummy , you will like to take a bite, too , I bet ! Thanks again, and wish you well ^ – ^

    • ^ – ^ You are so welcome, Lordarlack ! Your pets are just so cute ! Big thanks for dropping by my garden, and for your kind words as well ! Happy blogging 🙂 !

    • oa oa > – < can't help crying like rain when receiving this,you are so so kind,The Peckish Kiwi,thanks many many times! Plz get well soon then we may have a small tea party to celebrate this.

    • And this is a very lovely comment of yours, Al Bahri ^ – ^

      Thanks for being my garden’s friend ,feel free to enjoy some tea and cakes here ,and drop by anytime you like 🙂 ! Have a sweet day,Al Bahri !

      p/s: your new avatar is kind of IMPRESSIVE > v < !

        • ^ – ^ haha , this brings a smile on my face, I feel really happy,thanks Yoggi ! I’ll try my best,you have my words!

          un..how can I say… to me , yah – a little bit (you may say (again): haizz, girls!) ^ – ^ But it’s ok, you have right to do and live the way you want,Yoggi! By the way, I like the avatar on the main page and the “about” page better – in case you want to know ^ – ^ !

          Have a nice day,Yoggi! Tea and apple pies ^ – ^ ?

  2. blessings and bliss to you and in gratitude for all the “likes” I too like what you share in and of your blog, very nice….kathy ❤

    • ^ – ^ you are more than welcome!Those “likes” were born for reason,Kathy,that’s such a pure lovely place you have,I will stay around for sure!

      Thanks so much for taking time visiting and reading in my little garden,Kathy ^ – ^ have a sweet day !

    • ^ – ^ You are so welcome,Meenas17, I am the one who have to say thanks, since I’m still on the process of improving my English (especially my writing skill),the very nice compliment of yours means a lot to me ^ v ^ !

      Drop by my garden to have some tea anytime you like,Meenas17, have a bright day !

  3. I just realized your birthday is Dec. 18th. Same as a friend of mine from times past name of Elizabeth. She was an English Literature major, not marketing like you so I guess your birthdays is where the similarity begins and ends. Guess if she was in marketing I’d be able to find her on WordPress. Yes. I’m rambling. I’ve been ill for the past week and still can’t think too clearly.

    Enjoy April. (Oh. How funny. I just remembered Elizabeth had a friend called April.)

    • It’s ok,you are not rambling at all,August Meditations ^ – ^

      Oh, same DOB means we share the same Zodiac,too – The Sagittarius! Then I and Elizabeth may have so many things in common ^ – ^ They said that Sagittarius people are those who love freedom, love to travel – move, love creative things, “kind of” lazy (haha:) ), easy-going ,optimistic,have huge self-respect…do you find anything in common ?

      ^ – ^ Just believe that you will find her back somedays, life has its own secrets and special things, eveything can happen, who knows!

      Hope you get well soon,Take care :)!

    • (hug) ^ – ^ You are truly a super sweet cat , HMC! Enjoy these tuna and grilled pork cakes as my thanks to you !

      Have a nice coming weekend, to you and your family ^ – ^ my little dear cat!

  4. Thanks for visiting and also the almost thousand likes to me. Aha!!
    Follow me on wordpress too and I would also frequently view what’s new about you!!
    PS: mind to tell me what gadget you are using for taking your pics??

    • You are very welcome, Huawei!Once I click the “like” button, I really mean it ,your world of photos is just so nice ^ – ^ Yup,I’m in !

      ^ – ^ I’m using a pinky Sony cyber shot T77 , “she” was my very first camera , and still the only one for me – until now , I don’t know how to express our relationship by words, Huawei, ..un….feel like “she” really understands me ^ – ^

      Thanks for being my friend here,how abt some tea ?

      • Thanks!! your compliments make my day~ I like the warm and soft colours of your pics… guess you are editing them with lotsa skill…pro in it huh? Hehe..
        I’m from Malaysia. You’re not, huh?

        • > v < haha , to be honest to you, Hua Wei, I'm not that good at doing pts things.

          I often edit the brightness and contrast, blend the color a little bit to match my feeling (a tiny amount of yellow or blue is often added ) that's all my pts level can reach, haha . Moreover, I don't want to edit too much, I want to keep my original feelings !

          Yup, I'm not from Malaysia, I'm a Chinese Vietnamese, Hua Wei ^ – ^

            • You are just so sweet for telling me that ,Hua Wei ,thanks so many many times ^ – ^

              Even though I don’t have new post so often,I still spend so many time staying around my garden and my friends’ places,well then, stay in touch ^ – ^ and feel free to drop by my garden for some tea anytime you like!

              Have a cool new day ^ ^ !

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    • Thanks for your visit and these sweet words,too, J.M! ^ – ^ you got a really yummy blog there , stay in touch and happy blogging 🙂 J.M! Hope you have a wonderful coming new week!

  6. Thanks for following my blog, but please, don’t follow it just because I am following yours. You might not be interested in most of what I post.

    I prefer people follow my blog only if they are truly interested in what I do, otherwise they will never read anyway.

    • ^ – ^ plz don’t get me wrong,Disperser, I love to communicate – 2 ways road .Everytime I got a new follower,or new visitors – I feel honored and happy , then I will visit the page right away, but it doesn’t mean I will follow back all my followers ^ ^ and not all friends that I followed will follow me back.

      However, I often spend time dropping by all my followers’ places,to leave some comments, some sharings,or likes – to show that I really care , and feel thankful 🙂

      For me,there are 2 things which will be considered when I visit a new page : the first impression (theme, content, photos,colors…) and how that one may re-act to those comments that he/she got,as a 2 ways road-communication lover, I really appreciate it when the owners of those pages love to reply comments from their friends and other bloggers.

      everyone has different wonderful things to share 🙂 yah, may be some are hard for me to understand, some I understand but not my interest…, but in general , I love to explore those new pieces of world, love to learn new things from you guys, it may take me time to read (since my english is not very good > v < ) but when you see the little red VN flag , then I hope you know that I’m really there – and enjoyed ^ – ^

      thanks for being my friend,Disperser ,have a sweet day!

      p/s: I played a game : wolf life (wolf quest), and I played a role as a white wolf there , then your place really gave me a sweet recall and pretty impression ,Disperser ^ – ^

  7. Great writing and photographs, this is really a fun/nice blog. I like the offer to sit down and have a cup of tea, it is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the day and talk about life.

    • ^ – ^ you are just so nice, Dalo!

      Yah, I really love the feeling when we sit down, in a green green silent place ,have some tea , cookies and start to talk abt whatever in life.

      Thanks for dropping by my garden ,Dalo ^ ^ have a sweet day then !

      p/s : how abt a cup of roses tea ?

    • ^ – ^ Thanks so much for the very nice compliment of yours,Uday, you are so kind!

      Yah, light and color are 2 things that I care much after the “boxing feeling things”when taking any photo ^ ^

      I enjoyed your works so much, too, Uday,those portraits are amazingly wonderful!

      Stay in touch, Uday, may you have a new beautiful new week!

    • ^ – ^ You are so kind for sending me such an amazing gift like this,Chourouk ! Thanks so many many times, I will take it asap !

      May you and your family have a beautiful and sweet coming weekend ^ ^ !

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