My small field of music

Music is truly magical – people say, and I do agree with them.

I find some of my favorite songs as keys which can bring back (or unlock I should say) my boxes of memories . Then I may enjoy and sink into those remarkable moments over and over again (no matter in the happy way or the blue one) .

Memories that I hold dearly ...

Memories that I hold dearly …

I just want to stored songs that I loved so well here – in my garden ^ – ^  if you ever drop by, plz take a seat, have some tea and enjoy – hope they can somehow make your day, as they really did to me!

songs will be updated occasionally ^ – ^

1/ Don’t cry Joni- Conway Twitty

2/ Fly me to the moon – Lisa Ono

3/ Valder Fields – Tamas Wells

4/ Somewhere over the rainbow – Israel “IZ”

5/ Bésame Mucho – Laura Fygi

6/ The summer – Josh Pyke

7/ Jamaica farewell – Don Williams

8/ Country Roads – John Denver

9/ Historia de un amor –  Lisa Ono

10/ Summer wine – Ville Valo feat. Natalia Avelon


just can't wait to hear from you ^ - ^

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