Meatbun and her new coat ^ – ^

It took me a lot of time choosing the color for this coat >__< . At first , I wanted to pick the Pink one , so sad they didn’t have the right size for Meatbun .

Luckily this yellow coat fits her well. She looks happy wearing it ^ 0 ^

— I think I should buy her one in every color of this —

— Do you think it will be better if I have 2 pairs of yellow shoes , Mom? -Meatbun—

— ^ – ^ playing hide and seek —


15 thoughts on “Meatbun and her new coat ^ – ^

    • yay , I love looking at those little crystal blue eyes of her ! ^ – ^ however ,I truly think that a cat’s eyes can be considered as one of the most beautiful creations of mother nature – no matter what color they are!

    • I really have no idea about her family. When I adopted her, she was a 3-week-old-abandoned kitty, and now , she becomes a very important member of my family ^ – ^. In my city,there are many people who throw away their pets (especially cats)-in many temples, parks, markets, everywhere ..shame on these people !

    • Meatbun : I’m very happy hearing this ! Thanks sooooooooooooooooooooooo much ,Bokehenstein !
      Yinyin : ^ – ^ she used to be a homeless little girl who was abandoned in a pagoda,thanks life 4 sending her to me , now I can find my happiness watching her grow up healthfully day by day.

    • ^ – ^ Glad you like her,Bixa!She has been quite “over-dynamic” lately >_< Chasing and breaking every moving things on her way. In the near future , I may have to rebuild my house , I guess :))

just can't wait to hear from you ^ - ^

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